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Do you wish to Live Your Most Magical Life?

My name is Nancy Tulipano.  I empower people to co-create the life of their dreams.   I want to assist you to let go of the struggle inside of you so you empower yourself to be the creator of your magical life.

As a Life Transformed Coach and Reiki Master, I offer coaching sessions for individuals to help them make shifts in their day to day life that will lead them toward  a life that you want to create!  I also have a passion for animals and would like to invite you to explore those opportunities as well.

Do you fell like your day is running you instead of co-creating your day?

Do you feel your life is just happing to you?

Do you wish that you could create a life of your dreams?

Are you ready for change in your life?

Sign up for a free gift and email me to book a Free 20 minute Consultation today.

Crossing the River


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Perth, Ontario Canada


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